As our name Value-based Information Systems (VBIS) suggests, it is our stated charter to deliver the value proposition that is inherent in our name. Our credo is to develop best-in-class industry-specific solutions that deliver real business value to our clients. We are of the firm conviction that by doing so we will be helping our customers maximize the value of their IT infrastructure.

We are able to acwhy uscomplish the above by entering into a value-driven partnership approach that brings an optimal mix of experience and resources combined with top management focus. We believe that our growth is intrinsically linked with that of our clients and we have demonstrable capability to scale proportional to challenges at hand.

We bring enhanced value to our engagements with our customers with our in-depth vertical domain knowledge to provide right-fit solutions to clients that is the culmination of continuous technology adaptation and relentless innovation.

Over the years, VBIS has built a unique culture that combines the flexibility and agility of a niche firm with the technological breadth and process orientation of large organizations. Some differentiators that VBIS prides itself:

Openness and teamwork

At VBIS, we foster a culture of openness, teamwork and respect. We believe that clear communication and management is key to executing any project.

Responsiveness and flexibility

We count among our strengths the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ requirements. We are able to ramp up our skills and resources within very short timeframes owing to the fact that we have access to a pool of talented developers to tap into.

Quality of processes

We have an uncompromising focus on quality. Our mature quality management process combined with best practice coding techniques, rigorous testing standards deliver real business value to our clients.

Knowledge retention

Unlike individual contractors, large consultancies firms, or outsourced “body shoppers”, we will still be around after the completion of a contract. The knowledge and skills gained while working on your project remain in-house, ready for you to tap again when required. Coupled with this, a strong learning focus has helped us stay ahead of the technology curve and rapidly deploy any new technology.