RFID & Biometrics

RFID Solutions

VBIS offers a wide range of RFID solutions to help organizations identify assets, assign them to tasks, track and audit their use. Our solutions help deliver information visibility, improve labor efficiency, better inventory management across the supply chain resulting in enhanced productivity and sustainable operational excellence.

We deliver these benefits by optimizing your workflow to increase productivity, eliminating human error, lowering energy usage, avoiding idle resources and following best practices to help you succeed in a competitive global market.


At VBIS, we have the expertise to integrate Biometric technologies with existing security and identity systems easily and cost-effectively. Our solutions deliver efficiencies, savings and agreed outcomes across a wide range of critical biometric functions that include fingerprint, face and iris enrollment, hardware abstraction, quality assurance, standards compliance, middle-ware and workflow, and Biometric matching.

Our solutions incorporate our own proprietary products and those of our specialist technology partners to address the needs of both, private enterprises and public sector organizations and assist them with the selection, integration, development and deployment of affordable advanced Biometric solutions.