Laundry Management Systems(LMS)

Best Solutions for Laundry Management

RFID-based Laundry Management System from our partner Realex Solutions FZC ( and Technically powered by our team is extremely efficient and effective.

It has been helping Laundries, Hotels and Hospitals reduce costs significantly!

100% Accuracy – not 99%! Affordable Pricing too!

Solution for Hotels

The very best solution to suit your needs. Our system is easily customizable and quick to integrate.

  • Guest Laundry Management – POS based system not only looks professional, but outperforms every other system easily!
  • Linen Management – Now you can keep track of your linen inventory with detailed reports including life-span tracking.
  • Uniform Management – Staff uniform tracking is also possible with the Solution.

Solution for Hospitals

Using RFID based Laundry Management System, Hospitals can keep good track of their linen and uniform inventory, including keeping count of wash-cycles of each item.

  • Uniform Management – Track Hospital Staff Uniform using LMS for the best control. Automated Pick-up and Drop-off points available
  • Linen Management – Hospital linen are easily contaminated. The Touch-less systems can also ensure staff safety in addition to impeccable tracking.

Solution for Laundry Shops

Whether you are running a single shop or a chain of shops, LMS could save you a lot of costs and speed up your processes. The POS based system is very easy to use. It helps you reduce customer complaints too by reducing missing and mixing instances to a great extent! Save time using the bulk-reading benefits of the RFID technology.