geo_discpatcher1Geo Dispatcher helps you plot the best route for your team or goods for an efficient delivery of services. The software’s Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system supports dispatch decisions with clear and relevant task options with an elaborate system running beneath a simple interface.The data generated and organized by Geo Dispatcher lets you identify the most efficient path between two given locations using GPS technology.


  • Resolves dispatch scenarios quickly with features such as call input, call status maintenance, event notes, unit tracking, unit status reports, and call resolution
  • Presents near real-time tracking and monitoring of moving resources
  • Offers information at-a-glance with a streamlined view of available and allocated resources
  • Identifies events and locations with universally-recognized visual icons
  • Returns data quickly with a thorough dispatching algorithm supporting the software
  • Manages multiple dispatch requests simultaneously
  • Sends alerts, route information, and task updates to vehicles or personnel automatically


Rescue and law enforcement agencies: Can assist their deployed units and teams by providing better route management and crucial event information using the Geo Dispatcher.

Companies providing consumer applications: Such as large fleet companies, courier services, vehicle rental companies, and goods carriers can manage the movement of their products accurately with the software, from shipping to arrival.

Government and military groups: Can monitor war field transit for an effective execution of strategies where time and accuracy is of utmost importance.