Fire & Rescue Management System(FRMS)

frmsFire & Rescue Management system(FRMS) from VBIS is a complete solution for fire and rescue situations. Our software is efficient and easy to use, making it ideal for emergency situations. It enables fire and rescue services to streamline and integrate their operations across multiple departments.

Key features include:

  • Call registration at Control Centre with EPAX is integration
  • Maps to identify location of call and mark incident
  • Dispatch of resource based on nearest available vehicle with dispatch calculation based on distance
  • Monitoring of stations through IP camera, alerts sent using IP phones
  • Staff management
  • Incident report generation
  • Investigation of incidents, if required
  • Inspection of sites
  • Inventory management

Given its modular architecture, it’s easy to customize and fits every department’s needs, regardless of size. Benefits include increased collaboration and efficiency, reduced cost and risk, a real-time view of operations, and reporting tools to ensure compliance with safety and reporting requirements.