Take control of digital with VBIS eGovernance solution and deliver speedier, more transparent, and more effective executions of internal government operations and service delivery to the public sector. Our eGovernance solution comprises unique management, communications, and networking systems that craft real-time answers to impending issues of governance. Just as important as centralised operations is establishing a two-way relationship between the people and the government, bolstered by the ease of information delivery and communications implemented by VBIS’s eGovernance solutions.

Draw higher productivity gains and reap public approval with these streamlined systems in place:

  • eGovernment Portal
  • Citizens Relationship Management System
  • Biometrics-enabled Smartcards & Security System
  • Public Touch-screen Kiosk Systems
  • Totally Networked System with WLL facilities for remote areas
  • Data Centers
  • IT Facility Management